The Blog

This is a personal blog of G. Sreekumar. This blog relates to a range of topics of interest to him. This excludes blogs on central banking, banking systems, and creating writing, for which please check out links to other blogs given below. This blog was started in March 2020. Starting from 1 August 2020, efforts will be made to post a blog at least twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

The Title

The theme or the title of the blog is derived from the British mathematician, John Littlewood’s “A Mathematician’s Miscellany” first published in 1953. It was edited and republished in 1986 as “Littlewood’s Miscellany” by Béla Bollobás. Kaushik Basu used the title to write his “Economist’s Miscellany”. Littlewood had partnered with Prof. G.H. Hardy, both of Trinity College, Cambridge, in discovering the genius of Srinivasa Ramanuan, the Indian mathematician, whose death centenary fell on 26 April 2020 (see my blog post on Ramanujan published on that date).

The Blogger

Sreekumar was born in Trivandrum and had his education in Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, New Delhi, and Chennai where he obtained his Ph.D. from IIT Madras.

He was a central banker for 33 years working in Mumbai (15 years), Chennai (14 years), New Delhi (four years), and Jaipur (seven months). He was also a Dean at a private university for one academic year. Now, among other things, he is an independent consultant, speaker, columnist, and blogger.

Apart from central banking and banking systems, of which he was a student since 1978, he retains his interest in literature, music, films, history, politics, current affairs, writing, and a medley of other things.

My other blogs

Of my two professional blogs, the one dealing with Indian central banking, banking, and economy is tigerandpalmtree.com. You might find updates here every Tuesday and Friday.

The other one, dealing with global central banking, banking, and economy is lionandpalmtree.com. You might find updates here every Monday and Thursday.

I aggregate select blogs at gsreekumar.substack.com.


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