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Sidney Wadsworth: A Judge in Madras

Caroline Keen, A Judge in Madras: Sir Sidney Wadsworth and the Indian Civil Service, 1913-47, Harper Collins, 2021. Rs. 699. Most British (and Indian) officers of the Indian Civil Service diligently maintained copious diaries filled with detailed accounts of their … Continue reading

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Kappa Chakka Kandhari: Food for the Gods

For a food loving Malayali in Chennai, the number of eateries serving Kerala cuisine has increased over the years. But, my favourite to-go places have changed. For many years, from 1986 when I first came here, till around the mid-90s … Continue reading

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University College: My brief stint, and a bit of history

Last year, 2019, University College, Trivandrum, was in the news for all the wrong reasons. It brought back memories of my own association with the College over the years. I discuss below, my association with the College, a bit of … Continue reading

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Distant Wails from a Bygone Era: The Victoria Students Hostel

“In great cities, the great buildings tell you things you don’t know and remember things which you’ve forgotten. It’s a collective wisdom, an engine superior to your own intelligence. Architecture is the biggest unwritten document of history.” —Daniel Libeskind, We … Continue reading

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The Nobel Week

I spent five days from 7 to 11 December 2019 at Stockholm, attending the Nobel Prize events. An article on my experience at these events was published in the OPEN magazine. A link is given below: Five Days With Abhijit … Continue reading

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